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Photo: Bon Jovi, from its Wikipedia page   These are ways that are a little more subtle than, let's say, your hair thinning, or you just plain losing your hair.  Neither of these are happening to me, of course.   --You hear yourself constantly comparing yourself, or your...
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You don't buy a book for its cover? Well ... That is probably true - but you make note of a book by its cover. And 'by' can equal 'buy'. I note that for the first example, the designer who chose the cover as an example did not know swhat it meant, or if it even conveyed the idea of the book. Just...
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Black Friday is now spreading into Canada. I have already had one email telling me of all the fantastic sales available at the local book store. Good for them! I, personally, know of no bandwagon upon which I would not jump. And - well ... maybe - people don't buy books solely for their covers. But...