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Miriam Laundry is today’s guest on “A Book and a Chat” she writes books that empower children to make choices that promote confidence, happiness and responsibility. Miriam is the creator of the "I CAN" book series. The passing of her 17 year-old niece from depression made Miriam reflect on her...
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Do not be complacent.
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She’s a single minded person with a single minded walk A single minded person who does a single minded talk A single minded female with a single minded dream A single minded woman with a single minded scheme A single minded knock-out with a single minded thought A single minded schemer who’s not...
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Remember that a good stretch enhances any purr.
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Trust in a little good luck to make it happen.
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My neighbor is an 'in the moment guy.'  I admire it because he's never troubled.  Twice divorced, he travels a great deal, owns six motorcycles along with a Porsche 911, Chevy pick 'em up and an Airstream trailer.  He lives alone and just returned from a ninety day vacation in Europe...
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It's been one of those weeks, part of one of those years, when stresses seem to build and accumulate.  The week has been productive and successful yet intense, part of an intense year.  Sometimes it feels like I'm always on pace, always doing something, getting ready to do something else...
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This is Water. (Click to Watch) Maggie shared this with me and said, “Mom, this reminded me of you.  You know how it’s sometimes hard for you to deal with people, especially when you’re driving?  Watch this.” My children are often smarter than I am. Happy Friday.  Enjoy. That’s all...
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Cool and blue, a day cups me with fresh air and sunshine as I walk, and I think, I might be Jewish. I’ve never felt like that before but the Jewish New Year is upon us and I think I’m feeling it.  It feels like it should after a new year begins, hope becoming Prometheus rising as the Titans...
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If every time you think about a particular scenario it makes you sad then why do you continue to ponder those thoughts? Have you ever wondered why day after day you waddle in your misery and continue to focus on how bad things have been for you lately? Do you want to improve your life but somehow...