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Article first published as TheFurFiles - Friend Zone, Greedy For An Uptown Girl, Wallpaper Woes on Technorati. Madame Floretta "Fern" De Villiers, a.k.a. "Amanda Fox" is an author or erotic fiction and commentary.  This is her weekly advice column. **********  Dear Fern, I just...
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How can it be that when we changed our address that the earliest organizations to pick up the change was the myriad of catalog companies?  At first, we had no catalogs in the mail box, and only got first class mail with, of course, a yellow sticker that notified us to let our first class mail (...
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Paris is everybody’s favorite city, except mine. I hate it. Yes, I know, it’s amazing. I’ve been sporadically visiting Paris for 30 years and I know all about its glories: the food, the streets, the Seine, the wine, the fashion, the museums and monuments.  I agree completely — amazing. And...