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  We fear the loss of faith.  Americans have consistently been obsessed with religion since the Puritans fled England to settle the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  National Public Radio ran a weeklong series just after the New Year about young American adults losing their religion. ...
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Assumption of the Virgin by Titian High Altar - Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari (Venice, Italy) The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15, is one of my favorite holidays here in Italy. It is when Mary ascended into Heaven, body and soul. I went to Mass at the Basilica this morning in...
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Announcing HYBRID AMBASSADORS: a blog-ring project of Dialogue2010You met our multinational cultural innovators this spring in a roundtable discussion of hybrid life at expat+HAREM. Now in these interconnected blog posts they share reactions to a recent polarizing book promotion at the writing...
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The hotel elevator descended and my elevator companion, a man about my age, held the carnivorous doors open when we reached the lobby.  He looked at me and said in a superior tone “You seem in a hurry. That’s too bad. I never hurry any more.” I hustled across the hotel lobby dragging our wheeled...
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April 26   HOW THINGS SEEM    Not everyone who pushes me down is my enemy and not everyone who pulls me up is my friend.  I have been seduced by the closeness of people who used me as their shield.  When I have been held in the place of honor, the point man of life, I forgot that made me the...