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On Heaven and Hell Here are a few reflections on the plane this afternoon, as I traveled home from a speaking gig at a wonderful workshop with a hundred nice folks in Jacksonville, Florida. Spiritual reflections on heaven and hell. Which ought to be fun for some to read and, for others of you, this...
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The Ascent of the A-Word: Assholism and the First 60 Years. by Geoffrey Nunberg Book Review It is delightful that a respected linguist would take up the challenge of writing about an inelegant word that has become a staple of our spoken language. Although it is not surprising as his other books...
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Another Litquake is upon us! I remember that very first one 12 years ago when it was still called Litstock, and held one late afternoon at the bandstand at Golden Gate Park amidst chilly winds, a sandstorm and fog. Ah, nostalgia....!   So, here's a little something to amuse oneself en route,...