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  Chapter 7   Oval Office – 2014, Roosevelt-Hill’s second year as President   It was 6 a.m. and President Stephanie Roosevelt-Hill sat alone in the Oval office, wondering if her ethanol initiative plan would ever get off the ground. No matter how hard she tried, her ideas about...
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  CHAPTER 4   Speaker of the House Lucinda Ebersole watched in horror as President Stephanie Roosevelt-Hill was murdered in her House – but then a thought burst into her head like a bolt of lightning – she could possibly become the next Vice-President of the United States.   For...
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  Chapter 3   Perfect – that’s what the Secret Service has to be. But, on the Tuesday night of February 26, 2023, the men and women charged with the safety of President Stephanie Roosevelt-Hill were helpless as the perfect murder plan was acted out on a world stage by a deranged member of...
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  Chapter 2   William Wyckoff witnessed death many times before on the battlefield as a soldier, but he had never witnessed anything quite like this in any war. He had watched many men die – either soldiers under his command, or enemy soldiers his men helped kill. But now, he was forced...