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  In Japanese, "gray" is literally the color of ash: 灰色 (はいいろ: gray; ashen)     ash + color Clever! I never would have thought of representing "gray" that way, but I actually can't think of a better combination! Incidentally, the Japanese originally represented "gray hair" not...
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    (unrevised poem written in 2009) It was the same date as today, Ash Wednesday of that year, An opaque sky heralded the bleak disciplines of Lent. Cremated palm leaves made soot as fine as stoneground cornsilk, Echoes of long-past hosannas Fading in the deadened air.   Metanoia...
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My mother was the one who sent me Donald Ray Pollock's first book, KNOCKEMSTIFF.  She had heard him on NPR, called me that day and told me about the interview.  Then she read the book and it was all over for her, true love.  It's sort of like my daughter with Justin Bieber.  KNOCKEMSTIFF is a...
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Plumes of ash crawl across the sky from Iceland onto the eastern seaboard of this small island. Soon it might even fall on  this house and onto the clothes line and even onto the tiny onions that  creep with timidity out of the earth and may drown what is already there, what has taken so much...