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November 5, 2013   I am sitting in a hotel on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s where I go to use the Internet, across from my artist-in-residency apartment over Verkamp’s Visitor’s Center. The apartment is spacious and rustic and modern at the same time. The main rooms have a view of...
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I am in a train going south from Seattle, Washington to Oregon, and this is what I see.  Stacks of lumber and lines of trucks.  Piles of rebar and blocks of concrete.  Downed trees and over-grown blackberries.  Water slick roads. Break lights. Trash. Rain. It was sunny in...
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More photos from this walk at The Quiet   Snow is falling at the Grand Canyon right now, and it is—quiet. A cushioned cloister of snow-soft sounds. A feather-world of silent flakes. A hush, a whisper, a kiss. And I think, I love snow. I love its padded footsteps, a cat on a carpet....
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  I knew soon as I got in my car that I would not make it to Williams, Arizona that night. That was my plan, Williams by 6 PM. But I had made that plan while sitting in my kitchen at home in Oregon. Not in a hotel parking-lot off of Hwy 395 in Carson City, Nevada. In Carson City, Nevada, Hwy...