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As a student of Art History, I landed a perfect job at the university art library. There I was surrounded by precious art books, and was even allowed to check them out. But the main attraction in that library were the other women who worked there. The three librarians were, then, recent immigrants...
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In  1956 the art historian Ernst Hans Gombrich delivered a series of Lectures in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC; they are better known by the name Art And Illusion. Among other concepts,  Gombrich explains how in our mind we complete a picture through an “intellectual...
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Hope you'll look at this new piece of mine in Huffington Post, published today.
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  Foo Foo the cat, happy this morning, but miserable and wet yesterday around 8 pm after spending the second storm outside.   It rained yesterday! It rained a little bit, then a lot and then a whole lot more, all night long. A violent storm, really. With lots of thunder and lightening...
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I was asked recently why I felt it was important to go beyond focusing entirely on Japanese prints in order to fully appreciate them. I thought I'd explain my reasoning here, as it's not the first time I've been asked. Let's say we've been focusing entirely on Hokusai. Without studying the prints...
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There are times when I do wish I had Worzel Gummidge's unique ability to swap his head whenever the need arises. Instead, I've only managed to acquire his passion for cake. Writing both serious art historical books and satirical fiction at the same time isn't difficult in itself. I start work on a...