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I'll be signing and selling copies of Homefront at Fort Campbell, KY, in the PX (area) lobby on April 3 and 4, between 10am and 4pm. Ft. Campbell's free publication, the Eagle Post, found out about this and just finished asking me a few questions during a phone interview. That was fun--it's...
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When I say... "I am an American Soldier"I'm not shouting, I'm better than you.I'm whispering, I was a boy, and now I find myself a man.   When I say... "I am an American Soldier"I don't speak only of this with pride…I'm also confessing, that I stumble and make mistakes and...
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The carnage in Mumbai appears to have come to an end. I still hold my breath as its painful to wait for the news of those who may have died in the Taj. I am still too shaken, angry and upset to write anything coherently. Words fly around my head but never remain long enough to form a full thought...
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MORAINE, Ohio, Oct, 15...Sixpack has been a proud name in the Ohio River valley for seven generations. But that will end today.  Joe Sixpack VI, the great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of the original settler is changing his name. "We Sixpacks have been mocked and  humiliated by...
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I woke up today with the intention of sorting through all of my writings about the military.  As a child of the computer age, I'm one of the thousands of soldiers who kept an online blog.  I'm grateful to have made that choice since it now serves as a digital storage box.  The writing is rough, yes...
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Loving a soldier isn't easy. Christina gave me permission to post this account of her long distance love affair. In fact, she was so open that she said I didn't need to change her name, but I did. Dear Kate and David, Although I'm sure you have an abundance of fan mail to read, I feel the desperate...