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  The corners of my office were lost in shadows as I sat looking out the darkening window.  Behind me, the desk lamp created an island of light and I was just offshore, within easy arm's reach of its warmth should my thoughts flounder in a sudden cold undertow.       Another Christmas...
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I come from a very proud family.  A family full of professional bankers, nurses, teachers and everything in-between.  I'm very lucky to come from a place where integrity was always the forefront of my education and well, education was the forefront of everything. When I was younger I would head...
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          My brother, Thomas, died of ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease) in 2005. He died in my care, on a home ventilator. He was a decorated verteran of the Vietnam War. He was gifted, musically, and was well known locally as a talented guitar picker. He was deaf, probably...
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Landing at New York's JFK airport felt normal enough. I had flown several times over the span of the previous two years. Before then, I never stepped foot aboard an airplane. Required to wear my dress uniform, despite my formal discharge from active duty, was not bothersome. Although I'd heard of...
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Here is a link to a website where more than 1000 service members, military, police, and firefighters list their publications. These are the men and women who make it possible for us to enjoy freedom and a safe society. http://www.military-writers.com/army/larry_schliessmann.html
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I’m always on the look-out to learn about organizations or projects helping military personnel and their families. In fact, I include several of these on my website www.mrslieutenant.com in a section titled “Support Military Families.” And I blog about other organizations or projects I find. In...