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  Arctic winds howl at my bedroom window, wanting refuge from themselves.   January 2014: Mindful Writing Challenge
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gustsof Arctic winds,still strongafter such a long journeyto my Chicago home for tea   January 2014: Mindful Writing Challenge
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Please welcome my special guest Dina Von Lowenkraft, author of the tantalizing new YA romantic fantasy, DRAGON FIRE, jut released by Twilight Times Books! Born in the US, Dina has lived on 4 continents, worked as a graphic artist for television and as a consultant in the fashion industry. Somewhere...
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Right now I am so busy juggling two books, that my readers and friends worry about me. Their primary concern is that my work is too isolating and that it keeps me too burdened down at my desk. I am at my desk a lot, especially at this moment as I’m editing what’s called the galleys or first...
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  Not quite sure how big a push this BIG push is, but I begin another *thriller* which I hope to complete quickly. Actually, this plot is what I had planned to use for my first *thriller*, but it got shoved aside (and rudely) by a whole different situation. And a year + later . . . So, as I...
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In 2005, I threw down my credit card for the trip of a lifetime to a place called Svalbard. It's a land of ice and snow, and polar bears. I finally got around to writing a short article about the trip and am happy to report it was picked up here. Go here for more photos....
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     I just read that the Arctic will have ice-free summers within 2 decades, and among other things it will mean the end of the polar bears, and probably the penguins as well. They are great swimmers – penguins better than bears – but they all need ice and islands in order to venture out to...
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I've always had a thing for the sea. As a kid, I loved watching shows like The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. And I just couldn’t get enough of those old Sinbad movies of Ray Harryhausen with all of those amazing herky-jerky creature creations. Whether the...