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I go back to the days of file cards in the library so I might be just a tad jaundiced about this device. Perhaps, if you have so many eBooks and use a number of different eReaders there might be cause for some eCompiler. But, really, isn't one eDevice supposed to be able to contain all the books on...
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I admit to being intrigued (and tempted) by the 'add-ons' which can be made available to eBooks and other ePublications. If my thriller becomes an eBook, I can see the interest in being able to immediately be linked to 'attack dogs', or 'North Atlantic voyages' or 'Halifax' or 'NATO combat'. If I...
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    Myth-busting Publisher Smartphone and Tablet App Review – Part 1Do iPhone or iPad Apps Cannibalise Print or Impact Brand Loyalty? If you aren’t yet curious about apps or you believe that they can cannibalise print, then perhaps you would be interested in our myth-busting facts. Readers...