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As a writer and an avid reader, I often hear people say, “I never have time to read a book”.  Odd since most of us try to manage our lives in a manner that saves time. If while reading this you are also listening to music while texting a friend as you play a computer game then you are...
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It's been a while since I updated what's going on with "the project", AKA the new (old) house; however, having said that, here is the scoop.  Having painted the walls in the kitchen cherrywood, it was time for the cabinet delivery and installation.  Originally, we were told it would take...
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I look forward to the first cup of morning coffee almost as much I look forward to seeing my boy come through the door from school each day. Both make me jubilant. The anticipation livens my day. I like crème with my coffee and a teaspoon of sugar. Nothing else - except maybe a dollop of real...
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Days in Chania.  2009 is still coming in like a lion!  The sun shone in a welcome blue sky just long enough to dry two loads of clean towels hanging on the line off the edge of the kitchen balcony.  Thank goodness!  Just before the holiday season marched itself into my life our washing machine...