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Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel doesn’t want to drive men mad. She does, however, want to be able to drive a car. No Saudi Arabia woman has the legal right to drive a car. Princess Ammerah is a vocal proponent of women’s rights.  Saudi women’s rights are severely restricted by American terms. Read Read...
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When happened World's birthCan any one easily unearth? When was Air actually born?When came to Earth dawn? Can any one say Sun's ageAnd the extent of damage? What was the date of first rain?Who had the first labor pain? The first prayer who invented?The first disease who prevented? How was the...
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December 6     Flower Power       The man with the chrysanthemum on his head walks up and down the aisle.  Do I look like that, I wonder to myself?  Have I taken personal style to the point of caricature?  What is the boundary by which the embarrassment is kept at bay?  Is...
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    Well, it’s official:  I am the worst mother.  Of all time. Ever. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the bad-mothering scale I have just jumped off into the exponential.   Why, you might ask?  Well, my honor’s level college age daughter has just finished her first day at ‘beauty school’.  Yep.  Beauty...
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Just a reminder that I'll be appearing on the Destinies radio program tomorrow at 11:30 a.m.--more details can be found here. Tune in and check out the show! Greg
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My new computer came with a face recognition program.  I don't need to sign in or log in because it recognizes me, or, at least, tries to. Please, for the love of god, don't use such a program. Every morning, my hair on end, my face looking like a bloodhound's, I sit here, and stare at myself in...
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Just a reminder that I'm giving a talk today in my old hometown of Canton, CT at the Canton Public Library at noon--if you're from (and are still living near) that neck of the woods, please stop by! Details are on my Schedule page. See you there! Greg
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Okay, it's not precisely my dear and native land, but it's still a cool country...and I'll be heading off shortly to visit it, as I'm on several panels (and doing a reading) at Worldcon, the longest running science fiction / fantasy convention in the world, being held this year in Montreal. (...
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April 26   HOW THINGS SEEM    Not everyone who pushes me down is my enemy and not everyone who pulls me up is my friend.  I have been seduced by the closeness of people who used me as their shield.  When I have been held in the place of honor, the point man of life, I forgot that made me the...
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  Today was an off day. I was feeling scattered and unproductive. Didn't feel like writing, was unfocused when it came to marketing ... so I spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing online. I sent twitter messages to Ann Curry (because she's one of the few Today Show hosts who is not only...