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A story I plan to include in a future collection - along with a novella - just won a preliminary contest held by the Appalachian Authors Guild, and will move on now to the Virginia Writers Club statewide fiction contest.  If you were to ask where such a story came from, I...
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  image via savetheslope.blogspot.com I attended an excellent presentation yesterday, courtesy of the Appalachian Authors Guild, by one Joe Tennis, a journalist and nonfiction writer of the southern Virginia and eastern Tennessee area. He's done the sort of research into local lore that...
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Zeniths & Zephyrs - Mountain Peaks and Soft Breezes Recently, my good friend and writing colleague Rachel Riggsby handed me a copy of this anthology of Appalachian writing. It was put together by a member of the Appalachian Authors Guild, Doris Musick, and as with most anthologies, it was...
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I have to thank my friend and fellow writer Addie Davis for pointing me toward West Virginia's Bluestone Review. Just yesterday I received notice that the Review will publish two poems of mine in their next issue, which launches next week. I'm not a poet by temperament, but these two were ones I'm...