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Recently I said goodbye to a friend who left San Francisco for greener pasture. We have been friends for many years and it was sad to see her go. But like many artist friends of mine who loved the city, the bay, its beautiful hills and blue sky, she felt it had somehow betrayed her. Once home for...
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 Truman Capote in his Brooklyn Heights apartment Slim Aarons took this photo of Truman Capote in 1958, when the author was in his thirties. His penchant for all things kitsch is on display, but the silk wall hanging for whatever reason just kills us. You can view more of Aarons’ photos at ...
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Just walked to Ralph's - the over crowded location at 3rd and La Brea. Even on a Thursday morning at 11am people are waiting in line at the deli counter. Walking home, turning down Sycamore as I always do with it's beautiful canopy of trees and four bedroom, 2 1/4 bathroom two story apartments...