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One day after a close inspection of my face, I was stumped. I could not tell if the tiny hair-like wrinkles on my upper lip were wrinkles or if the wrinkles were actually black hairs. I finally got out the magnifying mirror, and lo and behold, the answer was both: Wrinkles and hairs. What's...
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      My father called me today. "I think you need to lose weight." "Hello to you too, Dad," I said as I was walking around my home city of San Francisco. A motorcycle whizzed by. "You never exercise." "You know that's not true. I walk at least...
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When it comes to Internet romance, the status phrase "It's complicated" might just be the understatement of the decade. I would know, having just survived one of the most bizarre and convoluted online relationships that ever dared to call itself "love." Having come to...
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I love this time of year. The flowers are in bloom, everything is green. Summer is coming. And students everywhere are graduating. New beginnings. There were times in my life when graduation season didn't make me happy at all. I'd go to commencement ceremonies and feel sad, longing for a...
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Like many other couples of their generation, Prince William and Kate Middleton have followed a recently popular pattern with their courtship. They met at school, dated a while, lived together, broke up, dated others, reconciled and finally decided to marry, probably with a little push from...
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My sister Amy wanted an outdoor wedding ... in late September, in Pennsylvania. She and her fiancé decided to hold the reception at a local state park picnic pavilion with outhouses for bathrooms. Despite protests from both sides of the family, the engaged couple prevailed, and on the wedding day,...