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I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of this. I don't even know, if the complaint is accurate, what that really means for authors. I am further confused that some publishers have acquiesced while others have not. You are welcome to read the materials and fend for yourself. I do appreciate...
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This week on Litopia’s podcast The Debriefer, Peter and I talked about the universal e-book format, why it matters that we don’t have one yet, and what authors can put in their contracts to make sure their books appear in all the major e-formats. This headline, plus more of the latest...
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Which monarch is championing libel reform? Which publishers are killing endangered trees to make books? What does Facebook do to dissenters? Which writer is claiming Heroes stole the last season from their comic book? The headlines, plus more of the latest writing and publishing news are in...
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Which author got a grand jury subpoena to reveal sources? Does Google have an evil plan for all those books it just scanned for free? Why is J.D. Salinger turning over in his grave? What are the publishing titans up to this week in the ongoing battle over e-books? These and other headlines are...
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This Week’s Writing and Publishing News Where the law and literature meet: Another suit against J.K. Rowling, poor thing: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gHaGkCU3OJsrW-JFtoA0gsfxwhMgD9DUBMGO0 An antitrust attorney talks about why we should hate the Google settlement: http://...
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This Week’s Writing and Publishing News I’ll be teaching a seminar in less than two weeks in St. Petersburg, FL.February 20, 2010: WordSmitten Writers "Pitch the Publisher" WorkshopThere will be lots of great seminars you can attend at this conference. Here's what I will be teaching....