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So, what do you when you start to come down from a natural high? Grab hold of the high lights of course. So, with kudos to the organizers of The International Congress of Caribbean Writers, held at the Langley Resort Fort Royal, April 10th to 14th in Guadeloupe, here are my personal highlights: 1....
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While touching the shores of the US, The Pirate Ship is stretching across the world as well. Boochi's story is spreading, and so is the series of her adventures and discoveries. In volume 2, The Pirate Ship, she is heading to the Caribbean after a mysterious visitor shows up at her door. Now,...
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While planning a vacation, you might want to vistit the island of Antigua; located along the chain known as the West Indies in the heart of the Caribbean. The Carlisle Bay Resort is one of the most beautiful areas, nestled on a breathtaking beach, with an amazing backdrop of...