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I have been watching what has been going on for several years and it appears as if politicians and athletes are in need of an intervention.  Sex scandals, lying and cheating on their partners are the themes that appear to be what these so-called elite of our society continually engage in...
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             Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems there’s a lot more lying these days, especially when it comes to sex and drugs.  When these cheating rascals are caught, they lie and lie and self-righteously deny.  It gets so...
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"The Book with Earl Merkel" presents a "Classic Conversation" this week on tonight's (Sunday, Aug. 4) show, where we'll host an occasionally "crimson'd (if not clover'd)" Tommy James of the Shondells. Mr. James relates his complex and sometimes terrifying relationship with Roulette...
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I see where Anthony Weiner's campaign for Mayor of New York City s really taking off. I saw this in Western Journalism. Too funny. Check out the link below: http://www.westernjournalism.com/weiner-for-mayor/ He might be a good fit for the Big Apple.
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A close friend of mine sent this to me. Very interesting . . . The next Democratic Party dream ticket.   God I hope so.
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  Just a thought  . . .   Is it just me, or do Anthony Weiner and Geraldo Rivera both looks like dicks today?   New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admits to sending more sex pictures on his little cell phone, while Geraldo Rivera had one-too-many tequila shots. Check...
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Okay. You can stop vibrating like a shaved poodle duct-taped to the foul pole at Wrigley during a night game in April. It's finally here. The 8th annual Top Ten Comedic News Stories of the Year. Veterans, please advise the newbies this list is NOT to be confused with the Top Ten Legitimate News...
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Phones don't sext people, people sext people; or do they? From the food-for-thought files: Could the neurology of device use in part explain the recent Congressional sexting scandals? (Bad phone, no donut!) In our New York Times series last year, "your brain on computers," we showed...
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Trust me. I really wanted to avoid the groin tweeting thing altogether but you might as well try to avert your eyes from a bullfight in a bowling alley. To the average civilian, the subject must seem riper than a three-week old banana for major mocking and scoffing and taunting. Slam-dunking...
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Gender is not a two-party system, that much is clear. As with almost all such categories, you find more variation within groups than between them. Some men like football and guns, while others are into cooking and fashion—and the same goes for women. No matter how you parse it, gender is a clock...