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An update concerning our latest poetry project..  Well, I nervously pressed that left mouse button, it clicked, and the pointer did it's more-than-pointing thing. Presto! I uploaded "Rambling Poets at Cafe Cyber" to the Createspace website on behalf of 7 poets who'd written the book over...
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I don't think I'll ever tire of getting my contributors copies in the mail....
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I have finally received my copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Matters and have three extra books to give away. Two of my stories are included in this book. From now until Oct. 19th, when the books go on sale in bookstores, leave a comment here about your funniest family moments, and...
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Just got the cover of Hellebore and Rue: Tales of Queer Women and Magic, the new anthology edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft and myself, due out in October from Drollerie Press. I absolutely love this cover! And the contents are pretty amazing too. :-DThis has been a really fun anthology to work on and...
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That amazing man, Greg McQueen, who, when the rest of us were sitting and watching, horrified, at pictures of the earthquake in Haiti, got up out of his chair and actually did something, raising £4000 for the Red Cross with 100 Stories for Haiti, is at it again. In his own words: Once again I...
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The literary web site, Able Muse, has moved into the tangible world of books.  Able Muse Anthology includes the best of the site's published fiction, poetry, interviews, book reviews, art and photography. I'm thrilled to be included.
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I'm pleased to announce that the Able Muse Anthology is here, and is already enjoying critical acclaim! The anthology is now available from Amazon.com (and from other Amazon sites worldwide), and from Barnes and Nobles and other book outlets. The Able Muse Anthology, edited by Alexander Pepple,...
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I'm pleased to announce that the Volta Issue of Able Muse (Summer 2010) is now online at:| http://www.ablemuse.com/  With:  FEATURED ARTISTS: Sara G. Umemoto, Billy Monday(In conversation with Sharon Passmore) FEATURED POET: Rose Kelleher (Interviewed by Timothy Murphy) SPOTLIGHT POET: Shekhar...
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Two of my essays on the work I do with patients with mental disorders are in this anthology.  It's an excellent collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, from medical professionals, patients, and those who cross back and forth.  Available from Wising Up Press, Amazon.com and B&N. http://...
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An anthology from Wising Up Press due out this month.  Two of my essays will be included in this book-length collection of  stories written by medical professionals juxtaposed with stories by patients.  If their other books are an example, this should be a wonderful anthology.