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The water is running in the bathroom and kitchen and the water bill will be higher than usual because of it. I don't care. I can't, not when the alternative is frozen pipes and no water for a few days. I went through that at the beginning of the year and I don't want to go back there again. No...
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Mind you, I still want to see the movie. It looks to be well done and entertaining (and exciting). And all the denouncing it gets is - let's face it - publicity for the film itself. But when the heir to the royal throne of Elizabeth I takes note, take note we should. It's become a family affair....
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By guest blogger Meg Pearson. Meg is an Associate Professor at the Univ of West Georgia in Renaissance Drama and she is Tina Sloans wonderful niece - She is married and lives in Atlanta, Ga with her brand new baby Piper and her husband Marcus. This is about the new movie declaring William...
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Guess what? Are you sitting down? With all the excitement about my recent accolades, I forgot to mention the most important news of all. My book, "Cryo Kid -- Drawing a New Map" (www.cryokid.com) is written in part about the discovery of eight half-siblings (scattered across the U.S.) for...
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I've noticed a lot of talk recently on the subject of public vs. private personas, specifically as they relate to people in the publishing business, and over at Dear Author (a place which I tend not to frequent, as they're exclusively a romance site, which isn't really my bag) they've got a doozy...
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A landmark lawsuit has been launched in Vancouver, B.C. this week. ("Sperm donor wants to know who's got his genes," by Robert Matas, www.globeandmail.com, Oct. 31, 2008).) While Dwight Jones, 64, the subject of the newspaper article, is featured as a donor of 300 to 400 sperm samples who...