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I have two concurrent running blogs on Townhall and Wordpress, but this entry isn't from either of those. This is my first blog on Redroom and I thought this would be a good way to introduce myself. Read, enjoy and please pass it on.   Peggy, my wife and I moved to the country in `05. We are...
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I make friends with feathers rather than birds. I can chase them and know that even if they fly away they will not die. They will not cry or scream or bleed. They will not point with accusation at the knife in my hand that was merely cutting strings. A feather has a strong scent when it first...
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Hey all: Who knew it was so hard to find an agent? Well, I guess most of us did. I'm trying to find someone to represent my writing for adults, and am not really getting anywhere... it's tough to get folks' attention! I've written 2 books for Knopf Books for Young Readers (which both have won...
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I'm about to be kicked out of a hotel that is "pet friendly" because my dog barked too much last night. Now how can you say you're pet friendly if a barking dog is not allowed? Does a purring cat get kicked out too? I'd have to say that is species discrimination. Maybe I should call my...
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He is Lucky. This guy with peppery hair and eyes the color of liquid chocolate. On a good day he says I love you. A bad one, he still says it. Really, I swear, those are his only words. His love is pure sunshine. Such a smooth operator he is. And I’ve never seen such a fast runner. Dancing pleases...
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Hi Everyone, I am asking if there is anyone who has the ability to get a book review published and is interested in writing a review about my latest book to contact me at sbulanda@gmail.com. The book is God's Creatures: A Biblical View of Animals. This book compares the latest research about...
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Wow, have we had some turmoil in our venture to our new home.  First we had to figure out how we were gonna take what we had in a four bedroom house, basement included, tow sheds out side and a storage area under our 20 foot deck.  Never mind the myriad of plants and flowers.  We also have three...
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I have decided to change the word animals to amimals (ami being Latin for friend). I'm a writer. I can do that, right?    
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Check out my home blog today for a collection of photos from my trip to Ireland.  The theme today:  animal encounters.   Here's the link: http://www.gypsysguide.com/2009/06/photo-friday-encounters-in-ireland.html Ciao!
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   The Cat Lover When a door opens and you can't see who's coming, it's almost always a cat who would like to be your lover. All cats are small, so the opening door looks like an accident. It's not an accident, though. These cats take great care until one paw hooks and the door swings open...