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Doing a shout-out over the fact that after seven months of hosting each and every one of my children's four cats while they (the kids, not the cats) have gallivanted around the globe, I get to tell my side of the story! And yes, that handsome gentleman lounging atop the baby grand piano is...
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Cobnuts - Yum! Yum! "Tree rats", "rats with bushy tails", "pests', "vermin". First of all, what is wrong with rats? I can feel my question send ripples of disgust among you.  "Eek!", "Yuck!" I hear you exclaim, your lips twisted in revulsion.  Rats are dirty – you say – the...
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I get asked a lot about coming from England to America, how far it is to travel, time it takes, the fact I haven’t lost my accent and even what I think of America. But for me it was just 3000miles and at least the language is the same, okay more or less the same. But imagine how it was for my...
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  My guest on today’s one hour “A Book and a Chat” is another member of the “Class of 2K11” the group of debut authors whose books are released in 2011. Amy Fellner Dominy debut novel “OyMG” has come from a literary background, from those early days of short stories, and like many of the...
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The biggest fight my husband and I ever got into was over a cat. We were taking a leisurely stroll after supper when the sound of pitiful mewing met my ears. Although my right forearm bears 17-year-old bite marks from the time, as a child, I tried to domesticate a wild feline and failed, I was not...