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 Amazon recently notified me of a new function rating me and my books according to sales.   It turns out that my author rank hovers around the 300,000 mark overall, 100,000 in Literature & Fiction, 70,000 in Health, Fitness & Dieting, which I would guess covers the walking guides...
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Welcome to the book release party of Letters from The Emily Dickinson Room by Kelli Russell Agodon.Kelli is here this afternoon (also on a 24 hour basis) to read poems, mingle with friends, eat well, and most of all celebrate the release of this important new book. You are invited to party with her...
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It's been said that "name is destiny."  It's also been said that "anagrams never lie." What exactly is an anagram?  It is a recombination of the letters in a word, name or phrase to spell a new one.  The kind of folks who do the New York Times Crossword in ink with no external...