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Amy Bloom | Amy Bloom

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This collection has surpassed my expectations for a good read introducing me to several authors whose work is spectacular. In the collection some of my favorites include: “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story” by Russell Banks, “The Hermit’s Story” by Rick Bass, “Silver Water” by Amy Bloom, “Jealous...
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How do you know when to put a book away away and when to keep on plugging? Is it an ingrained personality trait (stubbornness?) that keeps one going? Does an innate wisdom kick in and tell you to give it up? How do you know whether you're throwing good money after bad or giving up too soon? Arthur...
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Lately, I've read too much fiction that seems to me like this: a story opens at a point where the characters have stopped trying/hoping to make their lives change.  They think about this not trying/not hoping, wondering how and why they've stopped trying/hoping.  Often, there is a moment where they...