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Three months later, Beckett decided it was time to make a move. All that hard work was getting to be too much like hard work. After all, there was only a certain amount of the hard manual labour he could delegate to Bill, who was such an oaf Beckett had to watch him like a hawk to make sure he didn...
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“Come on in love.” Mrs. O’Brien said. “Would you like a cuppa? I was just puttin’ the kettle on.” “Yeah. If you’re makin’ one. Thanks.” Beckett said and followed her into the chintzy horror of the living room. He perched himself on the sofa while she went off to brew up her pot of gnat’s piss. O’...
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I BURGLE BOOKS ON PARK AVENUE/I MAKE A BIG HAUL IN A FANCY BROWNSTONE/Part Two Summer of '61. There are no cell phones, computers, emails, Facebooks, Twitters. But everybody knows where the party is. You don't have to make plans. A fifteen cent subway ride takes you to Washington Square Park...
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Jack Kerouac got all jacked up on it and wrote “On The Road” in one long rambling paragraph in a three-week kick ass session. The Nazis took it when they were jumping out of planes behind enemy lines in route to their next murderous rampage. Ginsburg wrote about it. John-Paul Sartre was...
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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, June 29...They're speeding, kvetching and sporting lacy teddies under their abayas. Welcome to the new Saudi Arabia. The desert theocracy, long under the iron control of Wahabist fundamentalists, is experiencing a massive social upheaval that will change it forever,...