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Abraham Lincoln did not win the presidency because he got a lot of votes, he won because the votes were spread thinly among many candidates and he happened to garner the most. Many in Lincoln's own political party hated him, fearing the direction he would take the country. His wife Mary didn't have...
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The Foreword for Insomnia's Istanbul (The Voice of an Unreliable Narrator, in medias res) I am the one that cannot sleep.... Istanbul When I dropped them at the restaurant, Simon asked me to join them for lunch. I parked the dolmus near the Sirkeci Railway.  Potential fares watched me...
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Last night as I sat watching brilliant bursts of color explode in the night sky and fall in soft strands of red, white and blue light, I thought about what it really means to live in America. I have always understood the advantages and appreciated the opportunities afforded to me as an American...
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Thanksgiving Day for Americans is just another Thursday for the rest of the World. Happy Thanksgiving everybody, everywhere!
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The Citizen in my head managed to wrestle the pen out of The Writer's hand this morning and did a phantom writing session. Funny how the writing in my head is done with pen and paper, in a small room, on a sunny day, overlooking the ocean. If I were to guess, which is an odd expression, I'd guess...
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I normally write about all things weight loss, but today I must share the thoughts of my heart before it overflows. I woke up this morning, still inspired by the words of Michelle Obama and Julian Castro from the Democratic National Convention.  As I poured through my friends’ Facebook posts,...
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Each and every time something like the massacre in Aurora Colorado occurs I wind up being forced to defend America. I suppose these things come with the territory; being an American citizen and all living on an island where the crime rate is about 007% I suppose it’sunderstandable why people would...
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  My grandparents Anna & Jacob were married July 21, 1914 in New York City. My grandmother had recently arrived from London, where she grew up in terrible Whitechapel poverty and malnutrition. There were long periods when they ate nothing but boiled potatoes. She had only two years in...
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That Barack Obama invoked Gandhi’s name reveals delicious irony as it posits morality with “unlimited sex”, in Rush Limbaugh’s immortal words. I’d like to draw your attention not to the moral versus the amoral, but to the two moral paradigms here. While Limbaugh can be taken to the laundry...
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As we prepare to mourn again the tragic loss of life that occurred on September 11, 2001, and the 10th anniversary, it is incumbent upon every American to acknowledge the diabolical events of that day that equates along with FDR's Pearl Harbor message of a “day that will live in infamy.” Some...