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How English is English?  Will we ever know why an editor deleted words of foreign origin from the Oxford English Dictionary? Was he a racist? Or a purist? In the socio-historical context, both these words have been used interchangeably a few times. Nazism and apartheid do believe they...
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This blog will explore a couple of things. History of the United States and the writing style of sarcasm. Usually I incorporate the latter for my dramatic effect and it is a  legitimate tool in the creative writing process for those of us that have at least that much English Education. Now lets get...
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Hate speech and new immigration laws are in the news nearly every day, along with the public outcry, and the calls for stronger laws against both are followed by legislation piled on more legislation. And it is not just hate speech being targeted, but any negative speech about the government and...
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One of the nice aspects of the Red Room  "Night of 100 Authors" affair at Tosca's last Friday was the diversity of the people who attended.  Some authors looked barely of drinking age, others like myself were somewhat "more mature" in appearance.  But there were, indeed, young...