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Even though Charles Dickens often wrote unfavorably about America, he was so loved, lines to see him were almost a mile long. What didn't he like about America? He was appalled and angry about slavery, and he didn't enjoy traveling any way so didn't appreciate American hotels. He thought the...
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It is not surprising that many people see facts and truths as synonyms.  It reminds me of someone who once said, "If a person's character was to walk past their reputation, they would probably not recognize one another." William Faulkner once stated, "Facts and truths don't have much to do...
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The election of 2012 was hard fought and dearly won, and despite all the differences it has brought us closer together as a nation. For we now know a lot more about what each other considers important and why. Some of us have changed our ways of thinking. Some have evaluated our positions and come...
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An out-of-breath fourteen-year-old girl in cheap shoes hurries to cross the street, her hand clenches over some cash and an electricity bill. A mother feels like forty miles of bad road, stands abandoned in a super market and ponders whether to buy milk or bread. After he sees his neighbor's newer...
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“…You are looking at the miracles and missing the meaning behind the miracles.”--Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright (public release PR photo)   Guerrilla decontextualization is a somewhat ungainly term that falls more out of line than in line with similar coined phrases such as: guerrilla marketing,...
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Is print media dying? It is a burning question that newspaper executives struggle to answer plainly these days as their industry faces all-time low circulation, declining sales and readership lost to internet sources and 24-hour cable channels for news. Judging from observations between the number...
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I got a thing about certain people's 15 minutes of fame.  I also try to keep everything in perspective when it comes to this pop culture phenomenon of performers like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, et all. I try to keep it in perspective.  I remember a cartoon parody in an underground...
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Not long after Barack Obama was elected President in 2008, I punched the off-button on MSNBC pundit Keith Olbermann’s Countdown show for good.   [If this isn't enough for ya, you can read the rest of this sterling essay in the Articles section.]   Thanks for coming by!
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I have set the date for the experiment for "No Electronics for One Week in December: No TV, No Computer/Internet, No Music, No Games, No Cellphones." I begin this Saturday (Dec. 19) and continue until the following Sunday (Dec. 27). The goal is not to be a luddite, but to clear the mental...
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THE DOMINANT MEDIA CULTURE AND THE EFFECT OF SPORTS ON AMERICAN SOCIETY   "We have to understand that there are differences between a capitalist lobotomy and socialist lobotomies." - Suzanne Ross   Hollywood and the McCarthy "backlash"             Let me get one thing perfectly...