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  While watching American Idol the other night I appreciated the advice of the judges. They told the singers to sing from their heart. And, if they didn’t they were just giving a performance. I knew exactly what the judges were saying. I could tell when one of those singers was really feeling...
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    Hosts Steven Zhou and Courtney Cheng are serenaded by the two winners of The First Annual South Bay Teen Idol competition and our own teen idol, Vivien Lee. Artsy Gifts reporter, Youngjoo Ahn talks about creating unique crafts for the musicians in your life. Courtney also shares...
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Following my own advice from a previous post: I'm entering contests. There's a cost involved, besides postage - the entry fees, which run about $15 per contest. I'll receive subscriptions to a handful of litmags- some I'm familiar with, others not so much. The reality: odds are against winning any...
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I’m a fan of American Idol. I love music and seeing talented young singers work toward their dreams. With the lowered age level this year—now fifteen—the contest has accepted a spate of very dewy-eyed talent. Last night the judges cut down to the final 24 kids, including some super-sweet little...
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Igor Yopsvoyomatsky, Editor-in Chief of Paranoia is Fact.com, answers readers' questions. Dear Igor, Our son Noah invited us for our 40th Anniversary. We flew in from Boca with a big surprise for him. In the six months since we had seen each other we had each gone on  the South Beach Diet...
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I am willing to bet that there are 1000 singers right now in New York looking for work on Broadway who are better that anyone we have heard in all the years of American Idol. Except Kelly Clarkson. She's really good.
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In case you haven’t heard, American Idol is a popular reality program on TV. While watching recently, I realized there are some comparisons with the show and writing. Here’s what writers can learn from watching American Idol: 1. Many of the people who want to be singers have absolutely no...
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Hos Going to Lincoln Center; Chicken in Hollywood; Book Doctors & The Essential Guide to Getting Published Rock America; Sex Worker Literati Trick-or-Treats   In Montclair a nip is in the air and the leaves are putting on a Technicolor light show: vivid violets, magnificent magentas, oppulent...
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I imagine he might eliminate the singing, keep the rhythm, escalate the poetry until it mushroomed into the malleable psyche of the masses. Armed with this vision, I decided to turn the screw on reality TV and produce a poetry franchise to rival, surpass, and make legendary the literary competition...
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At the Decatur Book Festival I discovered that while many of the kids and teens were not overly receptive to and quite bored or turned-off by "poetry" and my rather literary appearing books, once I told them about the TV reality show I'm producing where poets would compete for a book...