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A few days after September 11, 2001, while Americans were just beginning to grapple with the unspeakable tragedy of that shocking terrorist attack, I was confronted with an insanely mundane problem.  My car died.  It was a time of unbridled displays of patriotism.  American flags were everywhere...
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I feel fortunate to have clear memories of what Memorial Day signifies. When I was a kid growing up in North Dakota, this was a day where everyone I knew actually did commemorate the fallen American soldiers, who had died for our country as far back as the Civil War. Flowers were placed on the...
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Mayer/WireImage In the late '60s, I was called into the principal's office at the gritty downtown High School of Montreal for having the provocative nerve to wear sideburns. This was a grave threat to the existing order. Lots of establishments at the time were desperately hanging on to their...