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    HAT TRICK Once again, ladies and gentleman and ships at sea, you may address me as prize-winning author Thomas Burchfield. (Yes, that does play a sweet melody, doesn’t it?) This is because Dragon’s Ark has won its third award for 2012:  runner up (second place) for Best Horror...
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Getting It Published   For those of you visiting for the first time, it happened like this: in December 2005, I began writing my debut novel Dragon’s Ark. In June 2009, I finally typed “THE END.” I then spent a year in grim pursuit of literary agents, knowing that, even if successful, my novel...
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Thomas Burchfield, host of this page, invites you to hear him read from his upcoming novel Dragon's Ark on Sunday April 17, 2011 at the Oakland Public Library (Dragon's Ark will be out April 26, 2011) For more details on this exciting event--or exciting to him at least--follow this link to his...