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  June 19   THE LANDING     Risers and runners lift from where I stand.  Here I make my decision.  I climb and face the challenges of my life.  Each new test returns me to this square; the steps ascend in every direction.  No matter how many times I have...
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  May 30   FROZEN STRAWBERRIES     “I have them in the freezer,” I tell my sponsor. “I’m sure you do.  When are you going to take them out and reenact spring?” her retort. “I don’t want to take them out before I’m ready.  I don’t want them to go to waste.” “Oh, the...
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Often, at parties or other gatherings, someone will walk up, introduce him/herself and, as an icebreaker, will say, "I understand you're a writer." My response, as I try to charm through self-deprecation: "Well, there seems to be a debate raging on that subject." I'm trifling...
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Defying all odds, this thing that even God may not have a name for has stood the test of time. The opposite of what should happen, happens. When you cut, naturally it falls.  Only, this thing does not fall but remains dangling. When you pull back, it stays where it is.  No movement. Quite unusual...
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Blogging has been difficult for me -- it began as part of promoting my last book, presented as a necessary kind of work in today's writing world.  I am not relaxed or comfortable with it at all, and yet drawn to the ease with which it can be done.   Half joking, I said to Ivory Madison at Redroom...
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It's hard not to have an ambivalent relationship with political power, no matter how modest. There's some truth to the notion that the people who most crave it are least reliable when they have it; but no more truth than there is to the idea that those who are negatively oriented to power will...