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(image from wikimedia commons) Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to post nasty reviews on Amazon. The same person used 4 (and counting) different names to give poor Fireside 4 low ratings. I’m very flattered by the attention! Three of her fake personae were invented just to trash Fireside. The...
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(January 8, 2009) Narrative is the first and only literary magazine now on Amazon’s electronic reading device, Kindle. Gary Clarke, head of Kindle’s periodical division, noted that Narrative sets the standard for literature online and shares Amazon’s enthusiasm for providing readers with...
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  (Cross-posted with TaniaWrites) I hadn't realised until I didn't have any how much energy it actually takes to write fiction. I hadn't noticed until I got to a point where I found it hard to focus on anything for more than a few minutes, how much the writing process requires sharp focus. I...
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I am currently trying to prepare my entry for this year's Amazon Breakthrough Contest that is run by the CreateSpace group.  I hope to get my submission ready in the next twelve days seeing as how the deadline is coming up soon (February 2nd at midnight of the morning that is).  Hopefully good...
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Help! My next journal book – Picture of Me: Who I Am in 221 Questions - will be in stores mid-March and I’m not ready!  Any ideas? (book description below) Yes, I’m working on media pitches (related to gift round-ups, life check-ups/surveys/quizes, relationships, graduation, online privacy, life...
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I just signed up for program offered buy Kathleen Gage (kathleengage.com) who's offering a 4 week teleseminar of how to become an Amazon best-seller. She guarantees it. Or your money back. I'm excited to get started. I'll keep you posted. BTW, I just got onto Amazon.com. 
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Just like non-literary businesses, the vast majority of publishing companies are currently owned by large conglomerates. ”Name” publishers, already serving as parasols for groups of smaller imprints with lesser glory and for so-called boutiques, are owned by even larger umbrellas. I learned from a...
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I guess I'm stuck on a theme, because I feel compelled to revisit the world of writers, authors, publishing and books. I'm intrigued and yet fearful  of the degree of importance literature will play in our society years from now? Will our grandchildren read the classics? Will they even know about...
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This has been quite a good couple of weeks for FAT - first a mention in People magazine - right there along with Madonna and Guy, and now I am thrilled to learn that Amazon editors have placed Fat as the number 5 in their selection of top ten cookbooks for 2008.Authors become obsessed with Amazon...
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Stieg Larsson was a Swedish journalist and author who died of a heart attack in November 2004 (1954-2004), soon after he finished three detective novels in his trilogy the Millenium-series; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2005, US  release in September 2008), "The Girl Who Played With Fire...