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   === Many thanks to family, and particularly, friends in karaoke, co-workers, and  even bowlers at Westminster Lanes, who have all contributed in making sure that I rapidly reach the 100-sales mark in the first three weeks of distributing my latest paperback. Son of...
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If the Internet seemed slow on Christmas Sunday, it might have been because around the world, literally millions of new e-reader owners spent a fair part of the day downloading e-books. It's too early to know exactly how many e-readers were sold this year as holiday gifts. But on December 5, ...
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Shortly after I published my novel, I received one of my first reviews via Reader Views. I was excited, the review was favorable and it was posted on Amazon.com. I hoped this was the first of many. After all, getting any sort of attention for a self-published book is no easy task. Then, one day...
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Many authors and people in the publishing business are using the words “monopolistic” when it comes to Amazon for a few reasons. One is that traditional publishers were slow to understand digital publishing the way the music industry was slow. The music industry shot off its feet with two barrels....
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  As you may know, Kindle have come up with KDP Select whereby they demand 3 months exclusivity in return for allowing you to run a promotion of a free e-book for 5 days and getting a share of a $500,000 pot when your book is borrowed by Premium Kindle customers who pay a fixed annual fee then...
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https://www.createspace.com/abna?ref=478921&utm_id=5957 The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2012 Contest is calling for entries. Good luck.
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We *real* book lovers don't have to throw up our hands just yet - wait for the statistics of *real* book sales to make their way through the system. And authors can do cartwheels and shout "Huzzah"and whatever archaic terminology of celebration suits. Every book purchased on a Kindle was written by...
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BiblioScribe is a bookstore website that showcases registered authors, including me and my work Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History. The online sales location works in conjunction with Amazon, and is produced through Poor Richard Web Press LCC.  One of the...
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As The Digital World Turns.....This NYT will tell you about several things: 1) how the digital revolution is gaining more than a toehold, 2) how the digital revolution is affecting the print world of books, 3) how ugly free-form capitalism can be, 4) how inevitable free-form capitalism can be.The "...
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I was delighted today when I dropped by Peet's for a tea and book and saw a teaching colleague I had not seen for months. I was even more delighted to hear that he is working on volume two of a Civil War history. That is, our town during the Civil War era. He published the first volume years ago...