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It was fun trying to outguess Steve Jobs when a new Apple product was imminent. Most of the time we were bumfuzzled by these new products, wondering how in the world we were to make use of them, how Apple would manage tomarket and sell them. So it is with rumors of the impending iPad3 (or whatever...
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The Way of the Modern Warrior - Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century This is a work that has been in progress for a few years and will be released in the Fall of 2012. It is a prominent, new work that is certain to be received with large acclaim. The cover is still to be designed by the...
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Well, it's neem ages since I've posted on RR - life has taken me many places, a fair portion of them far less than fun, but in the end educational (ouch).  Certainly I now have enough material in me for at least 3-4 decent novels, unfortunately all horror or science fiction! I'm still in...
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Well, you heard if first here, last week (okay, maybe you heard it elsewhere first), but Amazon is getting physical.image via padgadget.comWell, we called it. At the end of last year, we listed seven predictions for Amazon in 2012, the first of which was: "Amazon opens its first store." via ...
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The author of this by-line, Michael Weinstein, is no stranger to the book biz, and this is as accurate a representation of the current state of the industry as you'll find. Recently Barnes & Noble announced that it would not sell books in its brick and mortar store that are published by Amazon’...
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Just to clarify, my new ebook The Marriage Gift is not available at Amazon.   As far as I know. I'm pretty sure. You never can tell really.
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Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History has officially been available nationally for  about a month. My latest work just received its first 5-star review on AMAZON.        A gracious heartfelt thanks to Charlie Redner, an author and co-host of Write Now,...
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I can't seem to quit writing about Harper's Magazine, especially since my old tried and true, NEWSWEEK, has corroded to crap right before my eyes. It's perhaps unfair to compare a weekly with a monthly, but Harper's always gives its readers something topical, but in a depth that NEWSWEEK has long...
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So a couple of weeks ago I made a semi big announcement: I decided this year I was going to start publishing e-books. Needless to say, I'm incredibly excited about everything. I'm hoping (without any complications)  my novella I Woke Up In Love This Morning will be available for downloads...
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After the discussion in the comments on Monday's post about reviews, I decided to carry it one step further. Since there does seem to be a lot of abuse of the review system, I went to both the Barnes & Noble and Amazon sites to see what they said about leaving reviews. Barnes & Noble...