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I believe in peace. I often lack it in my mind and in my life and so I strive for it, cultivate it. Lately, I find that this cultivation has been at a small standstill. I know I wasn't so nice after Hurricane Sandy--was inflamed by people gouging and hoarding gas and was utterly unsurprised by the...
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If you want your book published - which is a natural conclusion to writing one (though Kafka was never in that much haste so to do) - you have more options than ever. To my liking, being published by and established publisher *plus* getting your manuscript onto an eReader is the best of all worlds...
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-as published in Living Out East and On the Bay  http://www.livingouteast.com   I’ll have to admit my father was never that crazy about being a parent, although it was one of his assigned roles all those years. In fact, he periodically expressed a remarkably wistful interest in what his life...