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Most screenwriters scrupulously protect their screenplays from prying eyes, fearful that some bad guy will steal their treasures. But I note recently that one can go to http://www.blcklst.com/lists/2011_black_list.pdf  and read some of the hottest 2011 unproduced scripts from some of the most...
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That's right, a literate, original science fiction novelette (10,000 words) for less than the price of most silly apps. "Eyes in the Sky" is now available on Kindle--and you don't need one of those fancy-shmancy devices to read it.  You can also download the software free from Amazon and read...
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p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }a:link { } For any reader who is unfamiliar with the author Philip K. Dick and his many published stories, I hope that after reading this article you realize what you are missing and you subsequently work to resolve the matter of this deficiency immediately. In other...
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Leviathan Scott Westerfield young adult/steampunk   Steampunk.  Already skeptical? Or intrigued?  Westerfield's romp into the on-again off-again genre of steampunk will definitely leave you thinking. Granted, the complicated web of alliances that led to the first World War could be...
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  For years I have been telling myself and my friends that my favorite city is Paris, France, but the fact is I have never been there. Yet I have this strange memory--as false as a five-dollar bill with a grinning jack-o-lantern where Abraham Lincoln's noble beard should be--that likes to...