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alone at Christmas | alone at Christmas

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I either heard it on TV or read it somewhere, but the message was for me and for many others. The truth of it has changed my life. “It’s not my job to get love, but to give it.” Therein lies the cure for lonely people at Christmas or any special time of the year. For years I have felt abandoned by...
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 "Do you wish it were otherwise?" my wife asks. "I mean, you know, that you were born an insider?" "No, not at all," I say. Response is automatic and I trust it. Apart from Christmas, I think of Von Steuben High School in Chicago where my baseball buddies created a...
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So finally we reach this years " Christmas Story" I hope you all enjoy it. The night was hot and steamy, too hot, too sticky and too not like Christmas for the soldier that lay trying to get some rest before going on duty, in the non air-conditioned barracks room. Last Christmas had...