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November 26     No Mickey Mouse     The Wonderful World of Disney belonged to normal children; kids with Sunday nights and not the tear filled screaming which punctuated my weekends.  I had no time for the creative melodrama built to add interest into the dull little lives...
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The woman best known as Edith Bunker in All in the Family is part of the passing parade. Jean Stapleton was part of modern Hollywood royalty. Her sis Maureen was an Oscar-winning actress. Her brother, Jack Stapleton, was a stage actor.        JEAN STAPLETON ...
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She was a hard character to miss. Most definitely the voice; high pitched and could be heard a mile away. She wore practical housedresses, sensible shoes. If Archie wanted a beer, she got him a beer. She never would sit in his chair. Never! She was Edith Baines Bunker. The woman who brought her to...
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TV shows began to veer into social territory in the 1970s, especially "All In the Family". Carroll O'Connor played Archie Bunker, the epitome of everything liberals despise. In turning him into a cartoon character, and also because O'Connor's acting skills were extraordinary, they came close to...
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  November 23   PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL     In truth, pride goes wherever it wants, it’s pride.  Pride wanders alone, for no one enjoys its company.  Pride travels far but gets nowhere.  Pride rises above reality and seeps beneath the surface.  When pride...