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Aleppo | Aleppo

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        Streets we walked along yesterday are burning today – and not just in one city or country.  Arab Spring began with demonstrations and protests in December 2010, leading to uprisings and civil wars in at least a dozen countries, but they aren’t the...
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           It’s almost impossible to travel without coming up against the violence that’s such a part of the human story.  Maybe it has always been this way, but it seems more immediate these days.  The causes may be varied, but the...
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            A basement restaurant, its walls, floors, and low benches covered with multi-colored carpets, tapestried cushions scattered across the benches, a small band playing Arabic music, several men dancing in a group, families gathered...
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            The voodoo priest tucked up his white dhoti and knelt on a cloth spread across the dirt in front of the low altar he’d pieced together against the hut wall.  Shoulders hunched forward, he chanted prayers while burning incense...
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        Flames have destroyed the ancient souk of Aleppo, burning medieval storehouses, countless small shops, a hammam, and once elegant courtyards.  The troops of the Syrian president-for-life and the desperate rebels determined to end his...