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September 25     No Dialing Tonight   When it is late at night and I can’t sleep I wander and putter and plan my dreams.  I hold out hopes and wash their faces; pray for rain and clean all traces.  Thunderstorms rumble and lightning strikes; I tune up the plumbing and wipe...
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  Thrilled to see my guest essay on writers keeping the faith despite self-doubt on Psychology Today! Here's an excerpt: "I’m ten years old. My Big Ben-style alarm clock has stopped working. Maybe I wound it too tightly, maybe it’s just worn out. Whatever the reason, the alarm hasn’t gone off...
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You’re standing at the foot of a Protools interface cliff - there are fader switches rising and falling like elevators in one of those hotels where they put the cages on the outside of the wall. You can hear your track playing but the faders are moving by themselves. Who the hell is mixing this...
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  October 8   ALARM CLOCK     The dream-killer plays its harsh tones.  I pull my lids, so unwilling to wake.  The tip of my tongue, dry to leather, welcomes the wet of my toothbrush.  I grin a foaming smile.  I run through my night's travels; I mentally...