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Hey Ya'll... This is kind of a footnote to my previous post: An Angry Black Writer Speaks Out! I just wanted to give you all an example of one of my days. I hope that other authors will share some of there's. I think our readers need to hear/read about the reality of our - as Kola Boof...
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Steps up to mike, removes mike, taps mike… Testing one, two, three… Can the people in the back hear me? "Okay, here I go.. So this thing that I’m about to talk about has been weighing quite heavily on my heart, mind and spirit for a sometime now.  I want to school some of you out there about...
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Ten years ago, I was blessed enough to follow up the success of my debut novel: Sugar with my sophomore novel: The Warmest December. The book was well received by the pubic and critics alike. My publisher was happy with it - so much so that they nominated it for a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. It...