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Thanks to my friend Jane Wilson, I am participating in the Blog Tour, in which authors write about their writing process, and their writing, by answering the same four questions. Jane posted hers last week, March 3rd, at http://redroom.com/member/jane-wilson. Go check it out. And thanks, Jane,...
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Last night was the first night I slept well since Dad's surgery. I'm happy to say he's doing fine. He was ready to leave the hospital hours afterward. This is so my father. After I had breakfast and coffee, I looked up google news. I saw something about The Real World San Francisco. Since this was...
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Today is the official “Rock the Red Pump® Campaign” Day, a day when bloggers around the country wear red pumps and blog about women and HIV/AIDS to raise awareness of this crisis. Launched by the Office of Women’s Health, NWGHAAD is a nationwide observance that encourages...
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Thanks for not smoking Advocates of legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana ignore research that undercuts their arguments. According to a documentary in 2011 on the National Geographic channel, 50 percent of Americans have used marijuana at least once, and yet the drug remains illegal...
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The word “iconic” is usually more than sufficient to describe exceptional contributors to African-American and world history but in the case of tennis great and philanthropist Arthur Ashe it barely seems to scratch the surface. The term fit his status as one of the great men of his time well enough...
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HIV/AIDS, My "Virus Novel" and Oldstone's Virus, Plagues & History Photo #1: AIDS Research, photo by Karen Kasmanski, from nationalgeographic.com: A scientist in Franceville, Gabon, removes hair and blood samples from a cooperative chimpanzee. Researchers believe that an evolving AIDS...
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  Interview with a Vampire with HIV Reporter: So I'm going to ask you right from the gitgo. How is it possible for you to be HIV positive? Vampire: I contracted it from donor. Reporter: A donor? What’d you do rob a blood bank? Vampire: No my sustenance has to be fresh, young lady. Reporter: So...
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For a second, he felt naked and as he followed the herd off the plane, he sucked in deep breaths and thought very hard about Aston Villa Football Club. He found the baggage carousel, a vast aluminium roulette wheel, around which a fairly large crowd of losers had already gathered. He elbowed his...
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          Photo 1: Elmsgrove Cemetery, NH.  Notice the doorknob on the upper left.  And think: What if something were to suddenly peer at you from the hole? Photo 2: Weeping willow, or tree, or fountain design.  Cemetery in the middle of a gravel road in the...