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I'm told by them wot actually deal in the corporate world that *this* is becoming more usual. Insult to injury takes on a broad dimension. [DE]   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Fired? Speak No Evil By WILL BLYTHE I WAS fired the other day. I believe the preferred phrase is “terminated,” which...
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A long time ago, I used to be good at finding my ways. These days I feel like lost in the shadows of my imagination. Ideas are raoming like ghosts in my head. A web of contradictions is being built in my inner soul, and nothing can stop it. One way to solve my dilemma is  to give up or fight....
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The ins and outs of this story are not known and perhaps awaits someone's memoir. Still, everyone walks away with a lot o' loot, which might mitigate bad feelings. If Mr. Little is looking for a new client to make ridiculously rich, I am willing to sacrifice myself....
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    http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~jcui/ENG1131/justice_blind.jpg Lampack Loses in Suit Against Former Author By Rachel Deahl A New York Supreme Court judge has dismissed most of the claims in a lawsuit filed by The Peter Lampack Agency against his former client Martha Grimes and her publisher,...
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Inspiration Close to Home             Whenever I was feeling despair, whether I was afraid, looking for comfort, love, or security, I always tried to remember my favorite saint: my own mother. She had always managed to smile and give a kind...
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The other day in my column, I ran an interview with Grammar Girl, the queen of the grammar podcast and my new e-friend. Her real name is Mignon Fogarty and she has a new book out, Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. The column was a Q&A with her, which I trimmed down to...