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agony | agony

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I am editing my memoirs, a manuscript I began twenty-years ago. My plan is to download it as a Kindle on amazon.com as soon as I get it copyrighted. Every time I begin working on it I find myself traveling back to the family life of an incest victim. Excerpts from my book illustrates what it...
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  Happy Christmas, happy Christmas* Wish you all with real happiness Come and greet with no more guilt Let us think and trust to rebuild   Be in my arm and swing with joy Christmas has come so certainly enjoy So much to forget and so much sink Forget about differences and something to...
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Three Filipinos were executed via lethal injection yesterday in China for drug trafficking.  I am not writing because I question the judgment or the circumstances that surrounded these three fellow citizens. I am writing because I feel unsettled and disturbed when I think about the face of death. ...
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What if she didn't know- Mary-that her newborn was special? What if this peasant girl thought the stable just went with her position, the way of the world? What did she make of this precocious lad confounding the learned in the temple? She got used to some of his ways. She turned to him for a...