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I recently read the novel the Help by Kathryn Stockett and also viewed the film.  The novel took me on a journey to my past in growing up in Louisiana and being a victim of racism.  The maids' stories were cathartic for me.  I also was inspired by Kathryn Stockett's personal...
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There's none in mine. Yes, I am still looking. Just to recap: I sent out my query through bookblaster.com. Then I bought The Writers' Market book and snail mailed agents I thought were appropriate. Some never responded. Others said "not for me." A chosen few asked for pages then said no....
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I attended a book reading last night for OVEREXPOSED -- a novel written by my former professor, Susan Shapiro. Perhaps someday Barnes & Noble will want to host one for me. In the meantime... Sue's agent was there and he said I could send him my query for my second effort, THE FREELANCER.  It...
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EXT. LOS ANGELES- BEVERLY HILLS, LITTLE SANTA MONICA BLVD.- NOON NOTE: I've not seen a street labeled like this in EXT. shot before. Seen from the back, WES ALVIREZ, a twenty-three years old Latino man of slight build emerges from a building marked "Medical Offices" onto Little Santa...