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Nothing Personal: Mike Offit Idealistic, smart and career oriented Warren Hament enters the world of investment banking, bond trading and finance in the early 1980’s hoping to have a lucrative career in the world of high finance. But, Warren is naïve in many respects and as we walk the halls of...
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Rasputin’s Shadow: Raymond Khoury Two men decided the fate of so many and their identities and whereabouts never revealed. Unsuspecting coal miners playing their last hand of poker never realized what was about to occur. A friendly game turned deadly but why? The fear within the eyes of the players...
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Turning She was ruminating among us. It bore its way softly— as a breaking dawn— to our small band and to her that she hadn’t meant to do this, to declare her treasures and share her travels so quietly, forcefully. The keepsakes for us were the incidentals of how she came to be here, how the...